Choose a game and click play, or use the create game feature to create one if no games are available.

Click to Create a Game
Number of Players:  

It sometimes takes a while for the game table to come up. Please be patient. If there aren't any, click Create! Default is to show five (not in play) tables, if you want to see more, click on show more tables and each time another five will come up.

 - Taken means that someone is waiting to play!
 - Sit means that you can sit there.

The number of players in a game equal the number of seats. Select a game (Sit) and wait for the other players to join. When all have joined, deal and then play!

Please note: there are not that many players right now and so, it is advisable that you and some friends play your own game. To do this, arrange to start a game and just go into the same game number.

This problem will not go away until enough people are playing the game.

Note: Firefox / Chrome problems fixed! You can now use this with any browser!

Note: There are now timeouts! You will be kicked if you close your window or loose your internet connection after 60 seconds! A report on the users card page will state "Game Stalled" when this happens! Just start over at that point!